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What is a clinical trial?


It is a scientific study carried out in human subjects to evaluate the efficacy, tolerance and safety of a diagnostic method or treatment. It provides new scientific knowledge to better understand the disease and better treat patients.

Quit Smoking


Stopping the drug is often very difficult. Indeed, smoking is often associated with a moment of pleasure, but it is also regularly done in the company of friends. If you want to quit, try to convince your friends to do it with you, you will be able to support yourself but also to avoid the temptation when you rub shoulders with a smoker.

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What medicines should be used for stomach ache ?

What medicines should be used for stomach ache ?

Bellyache is a temporary abdominal pain caused by several things. Although it has many causes, there are painkillers that can help you treat it. Find out in this article which medicines you can use to treat stomach ache. Some medicines you can take If you have already...

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What do you need to know about anti-ageing drugs ?

What do you need to know about anti-ageing drugs ?

Good health and fitness is all about maintaining your muscles and the importance you place on yourself. Several methods are used in these cases to achieve this. Modern medicine, for example, offers specialised anti-ageing drugs. These are called anti-ageing drugs....

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The advancement of the medical world


As the years go by, the world evolves and so does technology and medicine. Today it is possible to help people with a disability in order to improve their disability or even in some cases to treat it.